Holden 1998 White Old Fashioned


Hi..thanks god…i got my second hand/used car for my daily activities here. I bought it around 2 weeks ago and absolutely i checked by myself the engine,brake pad, and so on for my inspection. i can only afford/buy this car because i don’t have enough money and of course i have to spend my money for house, family, business, education, medical ,etc. On the other hand, some of my friends asking about marriage..i think i have to spend money too for getting married if i can find a good woman or someone like me,but i don’t know exactly..just wait and see.

Hmm..about my photographs..please do not use my photos without any permission from me or you can download or purchase them for each 1 only 40 cents and you can put in as a wallpaper or screen saver in your mobile phone,computer or else.

Anyway..i just purchased my domain at wordpress.com for $17. I will try to contribute in writing about my ideas or blog/tutorial.

best wishes,

Noorvan MP

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