Step by Step of Making Pattern


I would like to explain about making a pattern in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a sample of Background with pattern

Firstly :

1. Open a new document with a white background or anything you like, click tab file then choose new.

2. Set the resolution to 72 dpi and color mode to RGB for the web or you can choose the resolution to 300 dpi and change color mode to CMYK if you want to make a print or enlargement.

3. Then, you can draw or put any pictures or symbols to your worksheet/canvas with a small size, i usually use 1 cm times 1 cm or less than 1 cm.

4. After that, click define pattern tab and name it anything you want and save it.

5. Make a new canvas/document with a size 800 pixel x 600 pixel, then fill the canvas/worksheet with the pattern that you have already made by click fill tab.

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