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Miss you so Much


sketched by ovan

I don’t know how to express my heart feelings

You’re always in my mind

I knew love can not be divided

Just one love to one woman forever

Do you think one love is the same as International Love ?

What does love mean ?

Would you like to explain it clearly ?

Do you think love is a companion ?

Do you agree if love is a devotion ?




sketched by noorvan


You’re what you are

I am yours you’re mine

we are living in the same earth

Without any limitations

We are family and together we can

As we are human then we build our community

Make it strong, green, and universal

Your words are your power

Do what you can do even it’s only  a little thing

Your country, our country and The world needs hero

Of course you all can make it happens now

Praise to the Lord, God and environment


written by noorvan

PS : I am sorry if any mistakes on my writing because i am not a native speaker/mother tongue but i like native speaker.

Idioms and When to use “Among” and “Between”


photo by noorvan

Hi, in this time, i will translate many English idioms to Indonesian language.Let’s start with the words below.

a. touch and go = situasi kritis dimana sesuatu yang buruk bisa terjadi.For example, It was touch and go for a few days after the accident, but i think my grandmother is going to be okay.

b. hand to mouth = cukup hanya memiliki uang untuk hidup dan membeli makanan.For example,some seniors live hand to mouth every month because they lack a steady source of income.

c. strike up = memulai sebuah percakapan (begin a conversation).

d. hot under the collar = menjadi marah (get angry).

e. give way = memberi jalan

f. high five = salam kompak

When do we use “among” and “between”?According these words, we can use “among” if there are with three or more and not to use “between”.For example, The wedding attendees were to express a preference among five cleanup events.

My Old Personal Computer (Desktop)


Motherboard by Albatron PXP 35
Processor by Intel Pentium

Hi..i want to share my experience about assembling PC and maintaining/managing data.Based on/according to my experience, i prefer to build/assembly my PC by myself then i buy the spare part one by one. For example, i assembled my PC 5-6 years ago which i considered to use Microsoft platform in my personal computer.In addition to use Microsoft because i am familiar with the Microsoft operating system since i was learnt computer at the age of 12-14.It was when i was the first time in Junior high school.i am still remember how to use DOS, for example if you want to make a directory,you can type a md command and many else such as cd command, cls, chdsk, echo, autoexec.bat, and so on.In the past, i used Compaq and wearnes desktop pentium 386 and 486.

I suggest if you want to build your own PC desktop, try to buy the power supply at least 500 watt, external VGA card and of course it must be compatible with your own motherboard just in case you have enough money or budget to buy all of these items.

Referring to my data management, i used to partition or separate my programs that i’ve already installed in my personal computer.i usually allocate my software in drive c and the rest of my data/programs are storing in drive d,e or f.For now, i am using Windows 7 and XP for my operating system.And also, please don’t forget to back up your system and data after you completing or finishing the installment in your own computer.They could be stored in your external hard disk or different drive.

My IQ Score


I am so confused, so i decided to take an IQ test in the internet. I Just made my IQ score and the result is 113…hmm…what do you think?. In my opinion, i suggest to everyone including me to take a rest before taking the IQ test.At the moment, i am trying to narrow my choices about studying or choosing my ideal subject. I love Art, Photography, Economics, Music and Information Technology.
IQ Test – IQ Test

Landscape & City Life Photography


Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan this section,i want to share my photographs about how to take landscape and city life (street photography) based on my experience. Well, these are my tips within digital imaging adobe photoshop that i used to enhance my images. Firstly :

1. Prepare your camera and lens,i often brings wide zoom lens and tele lens in my camera bag, just  in case they are very convenient to my style of photography.

2. I used to capture landscape/nature photography by using CPL filter and sometimes ND filter.

3. Try to get some unique objects and get closer for the best result for city life photography (street photography).

4. If i want to change my images into black and white result, i usually tends to use gradient map,curve, bright, contrast, burn and dodge tool for my final best result in Adobe Photoshop digital imaging.

5. By pressing the compensation button, you can easily setup your ideal exposure. I sometimes make an over exposure for around +0.7 or +1.

6. For capturing or shooting the best results, i always set up/use NEF or Raw format.

Okay, that’s all my tips and see you later again…

Dunia Impian Dunia Kita


Saat kau hujamkan kata-kata itu

Gelora semangat mendidih di dalam hati jantung sanubari

Ayo saatnya rapatkan barisan

Tuk maju raih cita-cita

Siapkan tekad dan mental

Tuk menjadi yang terbaik di antara yang baik

Kita, kami anda sekalian semua bisa

Bersama kita maju tuk menjadi yang terdepan

Satu hati satu impian dan satu tujuan

Tetapkan kebersamaan galang persatuan

Menjadi satu kesatuan yang utuh

Persatuan dalam Perbedaan Keberagaman

Tetap semangat berjuang…

Written by Noorvan MP