Landscape & City Life Photography


Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan

Photo by Noorvan this section,i want to share my photographs about how to take landscape and city life (street photography) based on my experience. Well, these are my tips within digital imaging adobe photoshop that i used to enhance my images. Firstly :

1. Prepare your camera and lens,i often brings wide zoom lens and tele lens in my camera bag, just  in case they are very convenient to my style of photography.

2. I used to capture landscape/nature photography by using CPL filter and sometimes ND filter.

3. Try to get some unique objects and get closer for the best result for city life photography (street photography).

4. If i want to change my images into black and white result, i usually tends to use gradient map,curve, bright, contrast, burn and dodge tool for my final best result in Adobe Photoshop digital imaging.

5. By pressing the compensation button, you can easily setup your ideal exposure. I sometimes make an over exposure for around +0.7 or +1.

6. For capturing or shooting the best results, i always set up/use NEF or Raw format.

Okay, that’s all my tips and see you later again…

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