My Old Personal Computer (Desktop)


Motherboard by Albatron PXP 35
Processor by Intel Pentium

Hi..i want to share my experience about assembling PC and maintaining/managing data.Based on/according to my experience, i prefer to build/assembly my PC by myself then i buy the spare part one by one. For example, i assembled my PC 5-6 years ago which i considered to use Microsoft platform in my personal computer.In addition to use Microsoft because i am familiar with the Microsoft operating system since i was learnt computer at the age of 12-14.It was when i was the first time in Junior high school.i am still remember how to use DOS, for example if you want to make a directory,you can type a md command and many else such as cd command, cls, chdsk, echo, autoexec.bat, and so on.In the past, i used Compaq and wearnes desktop pentium 386 and 486.

I suggest if you want to build your own PC desktop, try to buy the power supply at least 500 watt, external VGA card and of course it must be compatible with your own motherboard just in case you have enough money or budget to buy all of these items.

Referring to my data management, i used to partition or separate my programs that i’ve already installed in my personal computer.i usually allocate my software in drive c and the rest of my data/programs are storing in drive d,e or f.For now, i am using Windows 7 and XP for my operating system.And also, please don’t forget to back up your system and data after you completing or finishing the installment in your own computer.They could be stored in your external hard disk or different drive.

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