Idioms and When to use “Among” and “Between”


photo by noorvan

Hi, in this time, i will translate many English idioms to Indonesian language.Let’s start with the words below.

a. touch and go = situasi kritis dimana sesuatu yang buruk bisa terjadi.For example, It was touch and go for a few days after the accident, but i think my grandmother is going to be okay.

b. hand to mouth = cukup hanya memiliki uang untuk hidup dan membeli makanan.For example,some seniors live hand to mouth every month because they lack a steady source of income.

c. strike up = memulai sebuah percakapan (begin a conversation).

d. hot under the collar = menjadi marah (get angry).

e. give way = memberi jalan

f. high five = salam kompak

When do we use “among” and “between”?According these words, we can use “among” if there are with three or more and not to use “between”.For example, The wedding attendees were to express a preference among five cleanup events.

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