Splash Grunge Style Design


adobe ps3

Hello, How do you do ?. Well, in this section i want to share my simple design. In this section, I would like to explain about how to select an image and then put it on to your worksheet together with your background. The first thing you should do is open new document by clicking file then choose new. As usual, you can repeat all steps my tutorials that i have already explained  before.

After creating your design in your worksheet then you can combine together any images that you want to stick together by choosing 2 methods which are Polygonal lasso tool and masking tool. In this section, i put one image on my worksheet. By selecting Polygonal lasso tool then you can easily move your mouse and start selecting the part of the image that you want to combine with your design.When you start moving your mouse you can press and hold shift key on your keyboard to make a straight direction or path.

PS : Probably, if i have enough time i will show my video tutorial in the next time.See you next time and have a nice weekend.

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