Bigger than You Think


Photo of Me (Self-Portrait)

Rightnow, i am going to write about my past life. As you know, i sold my house in Indonesia for paying this education by myself and i did not take any scholarships. I paid my English Bridging Course by myself for almost 80 million rupiahs (included insurance). However/Although, my English is better than you and i can speak with my spelling pronunciation better than you.

In conjunction with my life and business. I have been making or producing in Photography for almost 10 years,besides i have been learning Music by myself (self taught) since around 1988 – 1990 when i was an Elementary School. The first time, i was playing a little piano (made by Casio), flute, and an acoustic guitar.I also learnt Japanese language when i was in the university,but i am not quite good because i rarely attended the class and i learnt something else.

I am confident with my English skills even i am not a native speaker indeed. I have been learning English since around 1988 in East Kalimantan. I went to BIEC by myself in the afternoon and in the evening class.Of course, it was when my age at around 10-11 years old and i sometimes took taxi (angkot) or went by foot from my house.For that reason, i learnt by myself while i was at home and tried to memorize the module,formulas, and clause.I bought some English Books from the bookstore in East Borneo and i read by myself. I also learnt Arabic language (Alqur’an) by myself and I have learnt and read bible & Alkitab (perjanjian baru dan lama) in the past.

Hopefully, this will be my long journey.Someday, in the future, i want to travel to another country with my money that i have for around almost 40 billion rupiahs. Some of my money are handled by the Finance Advisor (Ubag Advisor).

By the way, if you want to know about my past romance. Once, i had a relationship with an Indonesian woman. I thought she was loyal to me,but then i found her was a big liar. I spent and sacrificed my time, effort, money and so on for her and also her family. She made an affair with another guy and did not keep the promise. So, that’s why i always don’t like her anymore and her family.For me, they are bullshit and dirty (kotor,najis). In my opinion, she should go to hell and die with her sins !.

Sometimes, in my opinion, i don’t trust Indonesian Women anymore, i don’t know why, perhaps i have been hurt so much.At the moment seems i prefer to wait my fund. Here in Melbourne, i rarely or seldom see Indonesian Women except Mrs. Tuti and she is friendly enough.4 days ago, i went to 860 Ferntree Gully Road to see the Museum of Indonesian Arts because i was invited by Mrs.Halina and she is the Chairman Museum of Indonesian Arts.

PS : I know i am not a perfect man but I am not afraid to anyone if i am right even my body small enough(on the right track),but sometimes i saw some people broke the rules.i Thank to God but i am sorry if i say something bad words because i hate some people (not many people) who are not keeping their promise and such a big liar.

Orang lain mau lihat tulisanku terserah,toh ini based on my experiences in the past.Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.Setiap orang memang ke pingin privasi masing-masing,tapi ada istilah kalau anda berbuat jelek pasti akan tercium bau-nya bahkan Tuhan sendiri bisa menilai dan melihat perilaku anda semua.Jadi paling tidak bisa bersikap terbuka.

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