Simple Pattern and Design


adobe ps 3

Hello, today, i just made a simple pattern and design because i am lack of idea after ironing my clothes.I woke up at 5 this morning.

“Money doesn’t grow on stone ” it is mean = Don’t waste money,because it isn’t always easy to come by or i would like to say just buy a thing which is suit on you or good for you (priority).

By the way, i just bought an acoustic electric.The brand name is Takamine.When i plug into my jamvox and start recording my string guitar sound.In my opinion, the guitar is good to try or if you want to buy.There are several guitar techniques which are harmonic scales, blues pentatonic scales, and so on. But, as i listen with another headphone or ear phone then i feel there are so many differences output and i think it can be from the hardware,impedance, and else.

I have tried another guitar,for example from Martin (Made in American-Hand made).For me, this brand is a wonderful/excellent with a smooth construction and precision.If you like it then you can play, good for lead guitar and rhythm.

Bahan kain dan benang berasal dari kepompong hewan dan pembuatan keramik,gelas dari bahan bahan material yang ada di alam seperti pasir,alumunium,dan lain lain yang mana proses pembuatannya dengan memakai pemanas,bara api dan juga penggunaan semacam oven.Tumbuh-tumbuhan juga ada yang bermanfaat dan bisa di daya gunakan.

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