New Ideas always Come with some Needs


simple photo (Nikon D80+SB 800)

Today, this afternoon before 2 pm, i went to city alone by train. I brought my Fender guitar because i want to test with other amp. I have one Marshal Combo Valvestate (Made in England). It’s quite big enough, i bought it a long time ago in my hometown for around 6 million rupiahs. For me, i will not (won’t) sell my amps. As a matter a fact, i just want to share or sell my skill and knowledge that i have already had, but i am still learning new idea, concept and so on.

I also sometimes imagine if someday i can fly to the moon and take some photo. My future camera probably will have a feature such as (GPS, 3G and can be used as a remote control for my car). While i was walking in the city, i bought 2 bread from bread top store. I ate them for my fasting month, so many ideas inside my head about creating new music and song.

Oya, seorang wanita yang pernah aku ceritakan, yang berinisial “D” yang pernah bersuara dalam hati-ku, dia punya latar belakang pendidikan yang lumayan. Ya, memang dia juga cantik, cuman aku hanya sekedar suka seperti dalam hati ini bersuara.

I am a little bit tired..sehabis berjalan kaki lumayan jauh,berat juga bawa gitar sama laptop,kamera,dll.Tadi ada orang bule nanyain aku,cuman seperti-nya tertarik sama gitar-ku, namun dia bisa berbahasa Indonesia Melayu,cuman tidak terlalu banyak seperti dia ucapkan kepadaku..a little bit.

Thank you..Merci Beaucoup…Xie xie…

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