Ping Pong (Table Tennis)


rubber and wood (bat).

When i was a child, i played table tennis. I can play good but not so expert. This is my bat, but it is not quite good. I have another bat and it’s very light (not too heavy). As you know, in my hometown (East Borneo), there are a lot of strong wood which is call “Kayu Ulin”. You can only find Kayu Ulin in Borneo Island. There are a lot of functions and purposes if you want to use Wood from Tree. For example, you can build house, furniture, guitars, sport tools such as racket, bat, and so on.

Besides Ping Pong, i do or like to play Golf. Swimming is one of my hobby too, i learn and improve by myself. Once, in Melbourne i swam in the swimming pool near my renting house.

Terkadang aku suka nonton pertandingan tenis meja, there are a lot of very good players around the world and also from my country.

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