My Golf Bag


this is my golf bag and it is not quite heavy.

23076089-21757-Mr Noorvan Mardi PRASETYOAs i was a kid. I have been playing some sports by myself and of course i learnt by reading and practicing with my fellows or alone. Golf is one of my hobby and i played twice in Elsternwick and once in Albert Park. I consider about my sticks from Taylor Burner and Cobra (Brands). In my opinion golf is very simple for me and my power for tee off (Driver/Wood 1) is no longer enough because of my small body, but i can make a straight output (Straight Distance).

By the way, perhaps i will show my video about how to swing by using driver wood 5, pitching and sand. You can take a look at my personal homepage at

Soccer, swimming, ping pong, softball, and so on. All of kind sport that i have already mentioned before, i learnt by myself and improved by myself. But, i am not good in Badminton and tennis.

That’s my acceptance letter and i have already paid for the fee/tuition (only 3-4 months) but i will study by myself. Kalau cuman master/S2 Post graduate sudah aku dapatkan, bahkan belajar mengimprovisasi sendiri. Buat aku ngapain gelar sampai tinggi, tapi kelakuan bejat dan penipu (tidak setia) siapapun, jangan mentang mentang gelar bangsawan atau raja sekalipun minta dihormati tapi kelakuan nothing spesial. Shame on you, malu aku lihat kelakuan kayak begitu. Seperti pepatah, siapa menabur duluan dia akan menanggung akibatnya, karena ada sebab dan akibat.

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