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Happy Easter (Hari Paskah)

Noorvan Photography

Noorvan Photography

Today, this afternoon, i went to fruit store but suddenly closed after 5 pm.

Happy Easter 2013. I am not quite fit today so i have to go bed earlier. A little bit tired, my brain,foot,and so on.

A Simple Design Part 1

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

Hello, good morning. How do you do ?. Today is a lovely day.

Here is my simple design and i made it with Illustrator and Photoshop. For the first time, try to imagine what will you want to scratch on the canvas and then you can experiment by using the pathfinder tool in Illustrator. Besides, you can use gradient tool for coloring your image.


Screen Printing Project (Indie Project)

Noorvan Photography

Noorvan Photography

Hi, It’s been a long time ago. I had a community and Screen Printing class in the city. As I remembered, Nathan is an Australian Guy (Perth), single and his age more than 35 years old.

We were doing a Screen Printing project, there were 10 people (persons). Nathan,Louise, Narice, Nicole ( a small women) and she has a new Scoda (car),one Guy (I forgot his name), and so on.

Nathan has been to Solo (Indonesia-The Centre of Java). He can speak Indonesian/Melayu language too. When I got there, one of them talked about music (group band) that is called Bush. I had already known about Bush since I was senior high school.

I had a cassette of Bush and of course I remember about their songs/music such as “glycerine”, and so on until now.Alright, Bye for now.

Untitled (My Independent Business)

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

Good morning, here is my simple wallpaper. I concern about my own business but in my leisure time, i try to do anything that i can manage my time from Monday to Saturday.

Jika ada yang tertarik atau mendengarkan musik yang saya buat juga atau hendak membeli karya-karya saya (Fotografi,design,dll), silakan saja mendengarkan tapi kalau tertarik membeli saya akan berikan harga yang reasonable.Semisal, untuk setiap orang pingin mendownload karya saya, saya mau menjual seharga 50 Cent per lagu untuk setiap lagu-nya yang didownload (unduh).Semua lagu lagu tersebut saya yang meng-aransemen dan memainkan alat musiknya.Atau bisa anda dengarkan saja di web pribadi yang saya buat. Selamat menikmati.

Adapun website pribadi yang saya buat serta domain+hosting yang saya beli merupakan hasil karya saya sendiri, jikalau ada yang berminat dan mau membeli baik itu jasa dan web saya yang telah berjalan ini, maaf ini usaha yang saya jalankan sendiri dan sudah cukup lama.


How to Calculate and Budget for an Event

Photo by Noorvan Photography

Photo by Noorvan Photography

I want to share about my idea how to calculate and budget if you want to make an event and it can be a Local event or International Event. As you know, many event organizer has been done this kind of job but until now they have been working for some artists, and so on.

For example, some people want to handle about music event which are involving many people such as Medical Team, Police and security team, Sales Girls and Boys, Government, and so on.For the first time, you must know about the fee of the artists,character,quality of performance (musical quality) manager and many else that included one package with their crew,accommodation,transportation, et cetera.

I will mention one by one, for example :

1. Fee of the artist for one performance $2,000 included their crew and it can be one person or two person. Just in case if their performance will take approximately around 2 until 3 hours in a day.

2. Medical Team and Police (Security Team) $1,000 (three until four persons)

3. Operator and Mixing Man $100 – $150 but it depends on their experience and quality (skill and so on)

4. Labour man and woman who create the stage

5. Transportation One day $35 (Car and driver)

6. Air transportation (plane) depends on how many people and distance, i will calculate $1,000 per person from Europe,American, Asia,Australia and so on.

7. Motel or Hotel $40 – $50 (one day)

8. Tax to Government (7 % – 10 %) from the total of Budget

9. MC or Presenter $50 (2-3 hours) and depends on their experience

10. Documentation (Photographer & Videographer) $100 – $250 and depends on their experience

11. Cleaning Service Team $100 – $250 (4 – 5 Persons)

Alright, that’s all that i can calculate at the moment and i hope you all understand. If you have any idea then i will try to think it and of course it must be reasonable (masuk akal-realistis).

Thank you and see you again.

Idea and written by Noorvan (Ovan)

Anyway, i just made my new song/music again, operated and played by myself with Protools.

Untitled (My Life)

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

My English Academic Certificate

My English Academic Certificate

By the way, sometimes i miss my hometown in Kalimantan (East Borneo). When i was studying at Monash College, one of my teacher said to me, you have to extend your visa if it is almost expired.

I have already sent my visa application via email and i have to wait 15 – 30 days (working days). Besides, i want to sell my own cars which are Holden Vectra and Kijang Inova. Here is my simple design that i made a few days ago.

Ini juga merupakan karya dan hak cipta dari design yang bisa di patenkan, saya buat dan berimajinasi dengan menggunakan adobe illustrator dan Photoshop.

I hope you can enjoy my simple design.

Semua usaha yang telah ku lakukan dan sepenuhnya aku serahkan sama Tuhan, biarpun saya sudah berusaha baik itu kecil sampai besar.

Untitled and A simple Poem


Hello, Ni ho ma ? How are you ?

Ken ken kabare ?

Aga kareba ?

Kabar ikam bagaimana ? ada gawihan kah ?

A Short Poem from me :

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

When you touch me, I feel your heart

Look into my eyes

Hope there will be a chance

I can feel your spirit

There is no fear without you

Silence will flow and gone with the wind

All disappear through my finger

See you in the future

Written by Noorvan (Ovan) Poem