Noorvan & His Life

 Since my Childhood, I had a hard life. I learnt English by myself and it was started when my age around 10 – 12 years old. I have been learning English until now, it was in Balikpapan (East Borneo) where I spent my childhood and took an English course. I went to the course on foot or took a public taxi, which was cost only under Rp 500 (one way).

I have been lived in Melbourne (Australia) around 2 years. I still leave my own car (Holden Vectra 1998) in Melbourne and it is the only one asset that belongs to me. I am still learning and finding my best place to live and build my own business in Photography, Printing and so on. I love Melbourne because of the weather, public transport and so on.

In Asia, I like many place such as Singapore, Malaysia and so on. One day, I want to settle in one place that I can build my home and office, so that I can live and work (standalone) with my dream. Currently, my parent is living in East Borneo and they have their own house.

Jangan sombong kalian, memangnya kalian saja yang hebat. Do not under Estimate me even my body small enough. 

Hello,firstly I would like to introduce myself.My name is Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo or you can call me Ovan.I come from East Borneo (Balikpapan) – Indonesia which is a town in East Kalimantan. I am the oldest of my family.A part from that,I have one brother and one sister,they are living in Indonesia.I was born on July,22 1979.

Secondly, I had five level of education.The first time, I studied at Santa Maria & Santa Theresia for my kindergarten and primary/elementary school in 1984-1992 (Balikpapan), then in 1993-1995 (Junior high school – SMP 1 Negeri Balikpapan) after that I moved to Yogyakarta continued my study at SMU Muhammadiyah 1 Yogyakarta (1995-1998) and the last I had my bachelor degree from Gadjah Mada University,Majoring in Management (Economics) during 1999-2004 (Diploma & Bachelor/S1).

Mainly about my working experience are as a self employee (entrepreneurship) and helping my parent company in the past. I have been involved with my friends when I built a business/small business in Yogyakarta,for example clothing business,computer entertainment/business and photography services.I have my own business in Photography services (Stock Photo,etc,graphic design)..a self taught..I love playing guitar and any other musical instrument, Golf, table tennis, swimming, walking, sleeping in the evening, etc.

At the moment as a matter of fact,Monash University has offering me for a Master program in Business (Economics/Banking & Finance) besides the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) also invite me to gain a higher education,but I don’t know exactly if it is true or not, but I have the form that has been sent to me.Otherwise I already paid for the deposit by myself to the University.Rightnow I am studying/doing my English bridging before entering the master program which is started/commenced on June/July 2012.So, after I finish this EAP and of course I should/must get at least an overall 6.5 points.

In the future..i want a better living with my family,nice job,new house because I don’t have house yet, and so on…hmm…what do you think?…sounds great,aren’t they ?..Finally that’s all about my plans in the future and also including of getting my new vehicle. Perhaps, i want to be a lecturer or teacher in order to teach English or Photography and it could be possible teaching in Indonesia or Foreign Country.

PS: written by Noorvan..i also have personal homepage that i create by myself and if you like you can take a look or visit some of my photos,designs,my own songs, etc. (

PS : Please do no hesitate to contact me if you need my Photography Services. In the first payment, you can book me for 50 %.

My Equipments : Nikon & Canon Camera (Digital & Analogue)

                                 Studio Lighting, Epson Printer

I don’t need a higher education because i can learn by myself. For example, i can learn photography,electrical, website design and coding by myself (a self taught).

I prefer to build my own business at the moment. Perhaps, i can teach my skill to other people. In my opinion, if i want to get a post graduate or master. Certainly, i can do or reach that kind of education but if i have much money i want to invest for my personal business.

Uang itu adalah hak-nya Noorvan karena dia yang berjanji memberikan 20 persen, dan itu juga amanah yang harus diberikan ke Beberapa tempat dan Noorvan sendiri yang harus menyerahkan…Saya bicara jujur dan ada bukti-nya bahwa itu uang dan kompensasi yang milik Noorvan atas janji seseorang. Janji Dia dari Hasil Penjualan Perumahan Real Estate. Dan itu memang hak Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo.

Setelah melalui doa dan sembahyang, Tuhan Allah mengatakan ke dalam kalbu hati saya untuk tidak di Indonesia dan tidak perlu ke Arab untuk saat ini, Mengajar, Usaha di Tempat lain saja…Ya begitulah Kehidupan yang saya lalui…Dari kecil,saya sudah kerja juga dan belajar sendiri sampai sekarang saya lakukan semua sendiri pekerjaan rumah tangga,dll.

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