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Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

You will be always part of my life

I never let you down at all

You will be in my mind

You will always in my heart

I wanna be free

There is almost nothing

PS : Here is one of my Logo Design that i created just now.

Untitled (United Color of Nation)

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

A Photo by Noorvan Photography

A Photo by Noorvan Photography

It’s a new day

It’s a new brand

You can set it by yourself

You will be happy and proud

It will bring you to the new world

It’s your turn for your life

You should have it because your effort (struggle of life)

Even you are small but it is about your productivity

You should proud of it whenever and where ever you need it


Untitled and A simple Poem


Hello, Ni ho ma ? How are you ?

Ken ken kabare ?

Aga kareba ?

Kabar ikam bagaimana ? ada gawihan kah ?

A Short Poem from me :

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

When you touch me, I feel your heart

Look into my eyes

Hope there will be a chance

I can feel your spirit

There is no fear without you

Silence will flow and gone with the wind

All disappear through my finger

See you in the future

Written by Noorvan (Ovan) Poem

One Love…Love me…Hate Me

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography

Tiap hari ku berusaha mengingat-Mu

Memaknai hari Kasih Sayang (Valentine) bisa secara luas arti dan makna-nya. Kasih sayang terhadap umat manusia,hewan piaraan, dan lain-lain.

Happy Valentine buat keluarga-ku (Family)…Nobody Perfect in this world without God.

Every moment always has a story

Today,i have some ideas about making some music and song but i did not record my songs. I try to write the chord with my pencil or pen on a piece of paper.i want to sing but my voice is not quite good enough. I can sing, for example (a pop song), but i like many kind of song such as rock,classic,blues,jazz and so on.

i just finished/cleaned my own camera (sensor cleaning) by myself.There are so many dust inside the camera and of course i have to swipe by my hand slowly.

Never Give Up

Created by Noorvan Photography

Created by Noorvan Photography



Don’t be sad

I’ll be there for you

I’ll be your side

Whenever you need me

i will try to help you as i can do


What a beautiful day, i want to do some exercise and practice my skill in sport, but maybe later because some of them in my friend house. So, i just take a walk.

Dan saya santai saja menjalani hidup, biarkan saja ada yang memfitnah,bahkan perusahaan sekelas Bukaka saja yang pernah disiarkan Kompas saja seperti membangun Jembatan ternyata menimbulkan kerusakan dan korban jiwa,karena faktor teknis bukan faktor alam. Bahkan,perusahaan sebesar itu saja minta bantuan ke perusahaan keluarga saya.

Pastinya ada yang memfitnah saya,tapi semua saya percaya sama Tuhan.

Take Care SweetHeart


It’s been a long time ago

i knew we are different from each other

Be with me forever if you believe me

I will do my best for you


Secuil penggalan lirik yang saya buat untuk seseorang dan juga orang orang yang sedang kasmaran…

fall in love with someone….untuk lagunya yang versi agak panjang masih ada di komputer saya…kalau mau nanti bisa di dengar di website saya pribadi.

Barusan tadi subuh buat, tiba tiba ada ide saja,ntah ada pikiran begitu saja…cheers Noorvan

Happy Fasting 2012



Menerawang di celah celah awan cendana

Rindu tak terkira akan hadir-nya dirimu

Yang selalu mengintai dan menyelimuti kalbu hati ini

Seakan memanggil nama-mu dalam setiap langkah gemulai

As time goes by so fast

I would like to say Happy Fasting in the future of this month

Nobody perfect in this world

Nobody can challenge nature and Power of God

And there is no eternal life (no reincarnation)

Yang ada hanyalah semangat dan sejarah serta bangunan kuno yang ditinggalkan oleh para pendahulu

Maka terjadilah proses kelahiran dari sepasang manusia laki laki dan wanita (born) melalui proses pembuahan sperma didalam kantung ovarium.

Nabi-nabi atau Prophets adalah orang-orang pilihan Tuhan. The first prophet was Adam and the last was Muhammad.

My conclusion is Let’s Pray based on your belief dan berdoa lah menurut keyakinan masing masing.

Last night i made and cooked a fried chicken by myself with turmeric,pepper,sweet soy sauce, salt, and so on. Firstly, i boiled into pan with water and of course i like my food. Then you can put or mix with some onions and carrots or anything else.

Say it your Love to Me


Photo By Ovan

When it was raining in town

I still remember you

I can see from your eyes

I believe that we can live together

Through your heart

Your pain is my pain too

We can fix it together

When i got cold then you covered me with your smile

That’s why i need you

I know that i am not a perfect person

But, this is only that i can do for you

Please bring my soul my spirit to your home

And then we can survive together


Written by Noorvan (Ovan)

Heart of Colors


sketched by ovan

Set me free while i was dreaming about you

As the sun always rises and goes down

A mistake is only a choice

As you know nobody perfect in the world

Life is between true or false

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own

A friendship and trustfulness has never ending

Like a stone in a desert

Such as a tough person

Keep the spirit stronger included of your faith

Just only one that i can do

Hold tight your belief if you can see me

Just the way i do

You are my destination

Remember that good time

Do your best and never give up


Best wishes,